My Work

scotland mountain elopement photographer sean bell shooting a couple kissin gunder a veil in the mountains of scotland

young couple in a vintage wedding car with sunlight streaming through window during their Scottish elopement

Style & Process

I’m inspired by classic artists, cinema & cinematographers, 20th century documentary, fashion and street photographers as well as music, nature and literature.

Im drawn endlessly to light and movement and the way people connect, I embrace the wide, epic and wild as much as I endlessly seek out the intimate, quiet and subtle vignettes and gestures that flit by during a wedding day.

During a large part of the day Im a documenting, observing, composing on the go, creating reactively and sensitively and in a variety of situations, aiming to build an authentic body of work that will resonate with each couple, their families and friends. One that will hopefully stand the test of time.

I wander and work with a light footprint. When around people and within the environment I try to be at ease, to move and create quickly and quietly, respecting the space but always assessing when to step in and softly direct, or when to just meld into the background and record the moments unfolding.

a cuple who eloped to scotland runnign in the rain in the mountains of glencoe with incredible sunlight illuminating the scene


Post-production is also a very important part of the process for me. I spend a lot of time colour grading and editing the final gallery to build a consistent and complimentary aesthetic across the day. I aim for gentle, earthy and warm skin tones and a overall filmic, or ‘cinematic’ look.

For a deeper dive into my work and to see how I create and document a full day

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A wee note: All the images you see on this site are from real elopements and weddings and of real couples captured during their big day!

scotland wedding photographer sean bell in glencoe
a bride and groom walking in Edinburgh on the top of Arthurs Seat in a sunset

elopement in scotland
a couple walking in the mountains after their Glencoe elopement in scotland

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