Im Seán.

Scotsman, Climber, Guitar Wielder, Border Collie Dad

I was born in Edinburgh, the city of sideways rain and infinite festivals. I studied photography and film here before working for a few years as an editorial photographer across various publications.

My first elopement in Glencoe was to pay for a guitar amp and although indie rock and roll fame never arrived, this was the start of my new journey.

Im glad I found this creative path through photography, working with loved-up humans between the hills, castles and the woodlands of Scotland, combining my passion for adventure, outdoors and rugged nature.

I work, play, create and breathe best when Im in the wild places of Scotland and beyond.

Music, Cinema, Literature and Art also play a huge part in my life too and are a major influence on my photography and Film work.

I feel grateful to have been allowed to document so many weddings and elopements for people from all over the World. Ive learned a lot about life, love and connection and Im still fascinated by this craft.


I live just South of Edinburgh with my partner Justyna who is also a photographer (www.justynamaria.com) and our crazy Border Collie dog ‘Molly’.

We are both keen boulderer’s, hikers and snowboarders and spend as much time as we can in the remote parts, immersed in nature, under the stars chilling in our camper-van ‘Ziggy’.

We also enjoy going to gigs, loud and quiet music, city breaks, hot Sun and cool beers!

My Approach

Real moments over anything too staged are my preference and I try to keep things flowing, fun and with the couple in mind at all times, allowing the day to unfold naturally.

I’m drawn not only to the big epic moments, but the quiet, subtle gestures and vignettes that often go unseen. The stolen looks, the movement, the details and the connection between humans.

Over many years working with people Ive learned that over any technical skill I feel the most important asset for a photographer is not only knowing what and how to shoot, but developing a sense for when it’s good to step in and give some soft direction and when its better to hang back, skirt the periphery and quietly record.

Im sensitive to others and to the requirements of individuals and I strive to craft these stories not only creatively but authentically.

I’m still excited by this process and by piecing it all together.

Im delighted to have been named one of the Top 50 Wedding Photographers in the UK in 2022!

by Professional Photo Magazine and Pic-time.

Im humbled to be on this list, sitting alongside many photographers whose work, approach and ethics I admire greatly!

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