Moody Scottish Elopement at Loch Lomond

The Oathing Stone – A moody Scottish Elopement at Loch Lomond

Hollie and Mike decided to rock up to their Scottish elopement right in the middle of a pandemic. Proof that even when the World is in chaos, love still wins, will always prevail and that the plans and dreams of lovers don’t have to go on the back burner altogether during these crazy times.

So take that, COVID!

The morning started at the beautiful Fruin Farm, just a short distance from the mighty Loch Lomond, famous both in folklore and song and a huge part of Scottish history.

Im lucky to be a Scottish elopement photographer, I get to travel to some incredible areas and learn a little more every time about the land, the history and culture of my homeland.

Mike and Hollie are gentle spirited, nature loving souls. Both bird-lovers, who during the pandemic took to saving a few injured birds in the local neighbourhood and nursing them back to health before releasing them to the wilds, they also have a collection of pets including a ‘very chilled out’ (so Im told) snake!

elope in scotland couple walking in the mountains

Elopement Ceremony

A quiet morning was spent on the farm, sipping some Highland Park Whisky and helping each other prepare for the day ahead before jumping in my wee camper-van  (Ziggy) and droving a short distance to the scenic Firkin Point. There we  met up with Claire (The Humanist) and Mike and Hollie’s friends and witnesses Phil and Lara.

The ceremony spot was perfect, a beautiful tree framing the couple and the hills surrounding Loch Lomond as they settled into the legal part of the day.

It was both poignant and humorous equal measure, Mike and Hollie had written their vows in some vintage books they had gifted, one about flowers, the other a guide to birds. It was so sweet then that during the ceremony a Robin came to join in on the proceedings, perched on a branch nearby, another witness to their vows.

elopement scotland couple


The Oath – Set in Stone

The ‘oathing stone’ is an ancient tradition and a nice touch to add to a contemporary Scottish elopement ceremony.

Hollie and Mike decided to add this romantic gesture to their ceremony. Having previously chosen their stone from nearby shores, they clasped it together whilst saying their vows and after the ceremony and in keeping with the tradition, Mike threw it into Loch Lomond, their vows now ‘set’ in stone.

oathing stone ceremony in scotland

After all the paperwork was complete and confetti thrown (yeah, you can still rock confetti during an elopement!) we wandered amongst the woodland on the Loch side for a short while, creating portraits between the trees and with the full drama of the hills beyond. We then took to the road again to explore some of the local mountainous areas, on the way we talked about nature, music (OK, Mike and I maybe got a bit techy with guitar chat!) and about life in general, the views shuffling on by outside and the stormy skies giving us the full Scottish drama.

eloping in scotland to the mountains

It was great to watch them running wild in the long grass and heather, taking in the scenery looking down to Arrochar and beyond, the rain didn’t phase them either, they were up for embracing the elements, no doubt still warm and fuzzy in the newlywed glow.

A total joy to be a small part of their day!

If you are thinking of an elope to Scotland and are looking for a super experienced  photographer with a deep love and genuine local knowledge of Scotland and its remote parts, do get in touch! I would be stoked to hear from you.